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GFRP Solid Rod Round Shape

We accept customization of FRP pultruded profiles according to the following requirements.

●Product section:
Be able to produce FRP pultruded profiles with any cross-section

According to your customization. We can supply FRP profiles with various colors

●Resin matrix:
The appropriate use of resin formulations is according to the operation environment of final product and usage requirement (see media properties).
The resins used in pultrusion process are mainly general purpose resin, isophthalic resin o-benzene resin, Vinyl Ester Resins, and phenolic resins.

●Reinforced materials:
It is the support frame of glass steel which largely determines the mechanical strength and elastic modulus of pultruded products.
The reinforced materials used in pultrusion process are mainly glass fiber roving , glass fiber mat and glass fiber fabrics.

Model No.編碼 Size(mm)尺寸
GTI-GCS0080 00.80
GTI-GCS0100 01.00
GTI-GCS0200 02.00
GTI-GCS0250 02.50
GTI-GCS0300 03.00
GTI-GCS0350 03.50
GTI-GCS0400 04.00
GTI-GCS0500 05.00
GTI-GCS0610 06.10
GTI-GCS0630 06.30
GTI-GCS0633 06.33
GTI-GCS0800 08.00
GTI-GCS0820 08.20
GTI-GCS0900 09.00
GTI-GCS0950 09.50
GTI-GCS0960 09.60
GTI-GCS0970 09.70
GTI-GCS0990 09.90
GTI-GCS1000 10.00
GTI-GCS1020 10.20
GTI-GCS1030 10.30
GTI-GCS1220 12.20
GTI-GCS1250 12.50
GTI-GCS1270 12.70
GTI-GCS1290 12.90
GTI-GCS1315 13.15
GTI-GCS1400 14.00
GTI-GCS1415 14.15
GTI-GCS1515 15.15
GTI-GCS1550 15.50
GTI-GCS1580 15.80
GTI-GCS1615 16.15
GTI-GCS1650 16.50
GTI-GCS1790 17.90
GTI-GCS1820 18.20
GTI-GCS1840 18.40
GTI-GCS1870 18.70
GTI-GCS1880 18.80
GTI-GCS1900 19.00
GTI-GCS1980 19.80
GTI-GCS2180 21.80
GTI-GCS2200 22.00
GTI-GCS2280 22.80
GTI-GCS2500 25.00
GTI-GCS2530 25.30
GTI-GCS2540 25.40
GTI-GCS2580 25.80
GTI-GCS2650 26.50
GTI-GCS2780 27.80
GTI-GCS2900 29.00
GTI-GCS2910 29.10
GTI-GCS2970 29.70
GTI-GCS3000 30.00
GTI-GCS3175 31.75
GTI-GCS3380 33.80
GTI-GCS3800 38.00
GTI-GCS3900 39.00
GTI-GCS3950 39.50
GTI-GCS4000 40.00
GTI-GCS4200 42.00
GTI-GCS4440 44.40
GTI-GCS4500 45.00

Pultrusion Products

Fibre bundles and slit fabrics are pulled through a wet bath of resin and formed into the rough part shape. Saturated material is extruded from a heated closed die curing while being continuously pulled through die. Some of the end products of the pultrusion process are structural shapes, i.e. I beam, angle, channel and flat sheet. These materials can be used to create all sorts of fibreglass structures such as ladders, platforms, handrail systems tank, pipe and pump supports.


Mechanical Properties Related Standards Unit Measured Longitudinally
Standard Shapes  Rod & Square Bar
Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 psi 30000 100000
Tensile Modulus ASTM D 638 psi 2.3X106 6.0X106
Flexural Strength ASTM D 790 psi 30000 100000
Flexural Modulus ASTM D 790 psi 1.8X106 6.0X106
Compressive Strength ASTM D 695 psi 30000 600000
Compressive Modulus psi 2.3X106 6.0X106
Izod Impact Strength FT.-LBS./IN 25 40
Barcol Hardness 50 50
Electrical Properties 50 50
Dielectric strength ASTM D 149 VPM,min 200*** 150
Dielectric strength 1" long specimen tested parallel to laminate face shorttime in oil
KV per inch 40 70
(24 hrs. exposure)% by weight 0.75 0.75
Coeffecient of thermal 5.2X106 5.2X106
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